Публикатор: Buben TatianaОбсуждение вакансии в чате @devops_jobs#вакансия #remote #AWSVacancy: AWS DeveloperLocation: Ge…

Публикатор: Buben Tatiana
Обсуждение вакансии в чате @devops_jobs
#вакансия #remote #AWS
Vacancy: AWS Developer
Location: Georgia
Format: remote
Employment: full time
Salary: $4000-7000
Company : https://finhubss.com/
◦Knowledge of AWS cloud and its services (AppSync (AWS AppSync), Pub/Sub API);
◦Experience with Docker and container orchestration with Kubernetes;
◦Knowledge of scripting languages such as Python, Bash, etc.;
◦Experience with managing databases;
Should understand the challenges associated with high volume, concurrent transaction processing environments where reliability, scalability and efficiency are of paramount importance.

Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English.
Must be able to write, read and act upon functional and technical documents.
Ideally would have experience of payment processing with ISO8583, ISO20022, REST, SOAP etc.
We start with introductions, where we tell each other more about each other and talk about technologies. Then we'll ask to show examples of your code. Based on the results we will introduce you to the team to work with.
USD payment, geographically most of the team is already in Georgia. Opportunity to work in Europe.

If you want to join us - contact me by message tg @BubenTatiana

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