Публикатор: Ekaterina SemenovaОбсуждение вакансии в чате @devops_jobs#вакансия Jaxel is seeking an experienced DevOps En…

Публикатор: Ekaterina Semenova
Обсуждение вакансии в чате @devops_jobs
#вакансия Jaxel is seeking an experienced DevOps Engineer to manage applications and infrastructure for one of the California based clients. As a member of the team, you will design, implement, and maintain services which directly support the creative team as they reach millions of customers in over 80 countries around the world.

San Francisco, CA - USA
Seattle, WA - USA
Tallinn, Estonia
St. Petersburg, Russia

Remote job opportunity
Salary: we start the dialog with 290000 -390000RUR & above/ DOE

What You’ll Do:
•Ensure clients’ site reliability and availability.
•Write robust and easy to maintain continuous integration/delivery pipeline–build, configuration, deployment, and monitoring.
•Work closely with the DevOps team on the next-generation of hybrid cloud infrastructure/environment.
•Work closely with the product engineering team to stay abreast of upcoming feature requirements and refinements.
•Write effective incident reporting and postmortem.

What You’ll Need:
•Experience with Google Cloud Platform is preferred.
•Experience with Prometheus, Grafana, and Alert Manager is preferred.
•Bachelor’s degree in a technical field, or equivalent work experience.
•Previous working experience with containerization orchestration technologies, i.e. Docker and Kubernetes.
•Previous working experience with continuous integration/delivery pipeline, i.e. Jenkins and Bamboo.
•Ability to troubleshoot complex technical problems.
•Knowledge in system and application performance metrics.
•Previous working experience with .NET technology stack, i.e .NET Core, PowerShell, and IIS.
•Previous working experience with one of the following scripting languages, i.e. Python, Ruby, or equivalent.
•Knowledge in Agile methodology.

What We Offer:
•Competitive salary.
•Comfortable working in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment.
•Paid holidays and sick days.
•Remote work opportunity.
•Remote workplace setup.
•Comfortable work in your local time zone.
•Flexible work schedule.
•Professional growth and development.
•Paid trips to professional conferences.
•Multicultural working environment.

Please contact with me for details @katehr21

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