Публикатор: Evgeniy SharavaraОбсуждение вакансии в чате @devops_jobs#DevOps #Kuber #fulltime #vacancy #relocate #cyprus…

Публикатор: Evgeniy Sharavara
Обсуждение вакансии в чате @devops_jobs
#DevOps #Kuber #fulltime #vacancy #relocate #cyprus #вакансия

👋Hi guys, we are looking for Senior DevOps

Full-time, office
💵 4000 EUR - 6000 EUR net
📌 https://www.brainrocket.com/
🏡 IT Product Company
🇨🇾 Relocate to Cyprus

✔️ You know Kubernetes on bare metal (we use kubespray for deployment) and can deploy new one
✔️ Have experience with Istio and Calico
✔️ Have practical experience with Helm (write new charts / edit old)
✔️ Terraform and Ansible are familiar tools for you
✔️ Hands on experience with Prometheus and ELK in cluster
✔️ Experience with Linux and its components (Debian-based)
✔️ Experience with CI/CD system (GitLab preferably)
✔️ Speaking in Russian and you have at least Intermediate lvl of English
✔️ Nice to have AWS or GCP experience

Opportunities & tasks
✔️Manage, maintain, configure, and deploy kubernetes clusters
✔️Improve existing helm charts and write new one
✔️Work with Developers team to enhance production stability, availability, and reliability
✔️Monitor system performance
✔️Build and maintain CI / CD pipeline using GitLab
✔️Work with Cloud Providers
✔️Work with CloudFlare

🎯Job Details - https://t.me/Evgeniy_sharavara

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