Публикатор: Evgeniy_🇺🇦Обсуждение вакансии в чате @devops_jobs#head #DevOps #fulltime #vacancy #relocate #cyprus #вака…

Публикатор: Evgeniy_🇺🇦
Обсуждение вакансии в чате @devops_jobs
#head #DevOps #fulltime #vacancy #relocate #cyprus #вакансия

✌️Hey everyone hope you are well!
🚀 We are #hiring #Head of #DevOps BrainRocket
Know anyone who might be interested?

Full-time, On-site
💵 7000 EUR NET - 10.000 EUR NET
📌 https://www.brainrocket.com/
🏡 IT Product Company
🇨🇾 Relocate to Cyprus, Limassol

3+ years of experience working as a Head of DevOps or DevOps Manager
✔️ 5+ years of experience administering Linux servers
✔️ 2+ year experience with infrastructure as code such as Terraform
✔️ 2+ year experience with Kubernetes / CloudWatch / EKS / EBS logs / VPC networking and security
✔️ Expert level understanding and hands-on experience on Cloud Platform and architecture like AWS
✔️ 1+ years of experience working as a Head of DevOps or DevOps Manager

✔️ Manage DevOps team up to 10 highly skilled engineers. Plan team capacity, hire new team members if necessary.
✔️ Build highly available, scalable, and reliable infrastructure in AWS for both production and development environments.
✔️ Automate build, test, deploy and release management processes. Implement CI/CD according to DevOps best practices.

📌 Full description 📌

🇨🇾Office - Cyprus, Limassol 🇨🇾
🛫Relocation package (tickets, staying in a hotel for 2 weeks)🛬

📩Waiting for your CV 📩
✔️ sharavara.e@brainrocket.com
✔️ https://t.me/Evgeniy_UA10 (telegram)
🎯Job Details - Private message

Join BrainRocket and rock with us! 🚀

And one more thing - we have an excellent referral program 🤩

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