Публикатор: Лера КовальОбсуждение вакансии в чате @devops_jobs#вакансия #удаленка #DevOps #работа #sre Vacancy title: G…

Публикатор: Лера Коваль
Обсуждение вакансии в чате @devops_jobs
#вакансия #удаленка #DevOps #работа #sre

Vacancy title: GCP DevOps with background work on documentation and automation

Компания: Advascale

Зарплатная вилка: 23-30 дол в час

Занятость: 80h/ month

Формат: удаленный (локально нужно находиться в Европе)

Город: Рига

Контакт: valerie@advascale.com


Знание английского – strong B2 or higher

Stack of the project: GCP, Docker, Tomcat/Java in docker, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, Zoho vault, Grafana, Debian 10-11

Project description: On-premises installation in GCP, dev, and prod environments, 5-6 dedicated prod environments for the clients. Databases in CloudSQL - PostgreSQL, and multi-az

Some google proxy before app.

Legacy on-premises instance with Windows and MSSQL

Several installations on the client-side, mostly windows + MSSQL and one on Linux

SSO SAML and other Auth - different integrations per client

What is the project stage at the moment? (development from scratch, development of new functionality, support, etc.): Several years on the market.

Employee responsibilities (direct/additional responsibilities - please, provide 5-7 items)
Get logs (some files from VM or servers)

Add a new client (Create a VM with using the template and manual steps, and some database migration for dev to new client env with using GCP networks peering)

Configure custom auth


Help to change SSL cert on client-side

Security hardenings after pen-test

Mandatory technical skills (for example: how many years of general experience/experience with a key language, list of required technologies, frameworks, languages, depth of experience with them - years or certain tasks)

System Administrator with background work on documentation and automation, to meet current standards, GCP, Jenkins, bash, on hand experience java applications, Linux, Windows, Docker,

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