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We are an OpenInfra software platform company, building on OpenStack and Kubernetes, looking for Infrastructure/DevOps engineers, Systems engineers, Systems administrators who are experienced in networking and storage to join our team building automation software.

Город(часовой пояс): Уфа, Пермь, Екатеринбург, Челябинск, Тюмень, Омск, Новосибирск, Красноярск, Братск, Иркутск, Чита, Хабаровск, Владивосток.

Формат работы: удаленка
Занятость: Полная занятость(контракт)
Зарплатная вилка: от 100к до 250к net (по курсу EUR)
текущий стек: OpenStack, Kubernetes, Ansible, Python
Language skills:
— Russian
— English (written English would be sufficient)

Your responsibilities:

— Handle deployment our software and related software
— Design and implement components in our automation tools, extending on and replacing (where necessary) current code, to update with new functionalities
— Contribute ideas for making the applications better and easier to use
— For juniors (2-3 years+) with Linux experience, to mid-level

Your qualifications:

— Knowledge of Ansible
— Knowledge of Python (for systems operations purposes)
— Clear understanding of fundamentals of operating systems
— Experience in system administration and network administration
— Experience with Ceph/GPFS/BeeGFS/GlusterFS/Lustre storage system, and/or FibreChannel SAN

— Experience at an ISP, hosting services operator or network operator
— Knowledge of virtualization
— Knowledge of hypervisors (such as KVM, Xen, HyperV, VMware) and containers
— Experience with cloud management platforms such as OpenStack, OpenNebula, CloudStack, vSphere
— Experience with container orchestration engines such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm
— Experience with deploying software targeting data center operations
— Experience with data center operations
— Experience with log management, monitoring

Sardina Systems is a multi-award-winning OpenInfra cloud platform software company, building on OpenStack and Kubernetes. Sardina FishOS provide enterprise cloud operators with an automated, analytics-driven, fully integrated, production-ready software platform, including tools for the Deploy, Operate and Upgrade phases.

Official site: https://www.sardinasystems.com
Contact TG: @sardinasystems
email: jobs@sardinasystems.com

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Статья: Исследование зарплат системных администраторов и DevOPS

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